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Happy Birthday Wishes For Friends

Birthday Greetings For Friends : Are you looking for Happy Birthday Wishes For Friends ? True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils.A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.Enjoy some of the most memorable quotes on friendship from some of the most renowned personalities of the world. If you are planning to send your best friend lovely quote for a birthday you are on the right place.Let's see some more touching happy birthday wishes quotes for your best friends,true friends and even the friends for ever.Lets take a looks and send these beautiful wishes for our best buddies.

On your birthday, I wish that all your most cherished dreams would immediately come true this year, because the next year is going to bring you even more marvellous things to dream about and, what is more important, to make them happen. Happy birthday!

It’s a beautiful thought thinking of how long we have known each other. Best friends since childhood and I am certain into old age, we will be celebrating together for years to come. Happy birthday, dear friend!

I wanted to see you today and wish you a big happy birthday, I wish that all of your dreams come true, because if they don’t we will make them happen! Happy birthday!

Twice a year, we get to celebrate the gift of one another on our birthdays. Let’s make this one the most memorable (until mine comes around again, that is!). Happy birthday!

So, you’re finally old huh? Look at you, you’re all grown up now, I hope you are ready for the real world, because it’s not gonna be easy, but whatever you decide to do, I will have your back, happy birthday!

Never have I had such a close friend. Happy birthday to you and best wishes always!

If life was a fairy tale,
I would wish you to be the happiest person.
But life is a struggle,
So I wish you to be a winner.

Do you want to know the best part of my life? It is you! Without you, my days would not be as bright and my future not as hopeful. Thank you for your friendship. Happy birthday!

I send you birthday wishes so hot,
That the clouds would melt,
Rainbows would appear in the blue sky,
While any worries and sadness
Would vanish from your heart.

F.R.I.E.N.D. = Faithful Relationship In Every New Day

I wish you big discoveries and tiny everyday joys.
I wish you big dreams and small miracles, because great things start with the small.
I wish you great achievements at work and a little rest, cause sometimes you need to stop.
I wish you lots of friends and few enemies, because they help you to improve yourself.
Happy birthday!

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